Selling: The Value of a Guarantee 💯

By Dave Stein

This past Sunday, my wife and visited Total Wine in Naples, Florida. We were expecting company for the evening and needed to stock up on wine and spirits.

As she shopped for the wine, I found a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, my preferred gin, and put it in the cart.

After a moment or two, a staff-member came along and asked us if we had ever tried Citadelle gin. I volunteered that I hadn’t. He told me a bit about the distillation process, as compared to the Bombay, and that the Citadelle had a much smoother taste. However knowledgeable he was, I was skeptical.

He saw that and immediately said, “Buy the bottle. If you don’t like it, bring it back for a refund and I’ll drink the rest of it.” I laughed at the last part, but he was serious.

Bingo. Money-back guarantee with a bit of consumer education rolled into one.

I loved the Citadelle. So did my Tanqueray-drinking friends.

But think about this: a guarantee is only as good as the person/company offering it.

Here is the rest of the post. Thanks for your interest.


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