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aircraft_paper_plane_strategy_1920x1080_70991  All blog contributions on this international blog are based on Anders sharing popular blog contributions from top sales experts and gurus from all over the globe.


75+ nationalities read this blog the accumulating 7.250+ reads since it’s foundation in December 2014.

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Being the executive editor of The Sales Executive 💯 Blog Anders (www.anderschristianhjort.com) adds his own reflections and blog contributions, research findings, white papers, insights, industry experts contributions around the challenges, strategies and skills for achieving sustainable sales performance improvements.

Blogs tagged with Editors Choice are Anders’ favourite blog contributions.

Blogs tagged Top 3 and Top 10 are the most read blog contribution during the last 12 months.

Opinions, judgement and reflections expressed and shared are therefore the original authors and Anders’ own, based on his ongoing behavioural research studies, knowledge and experiences only, having worked with sales behaviour change projects within sales for 25+ years.

About Anders

Anders is a top 💯 Sales Influencer & Behaviour Change Expert at Huthwaite International.

He is rated amongst top 1o sales performance experts and 1st in the world in December 2016.

At Huthwaite International Anders help people and companies improve confidence, skills and strategies to win more profitable business and loyal customers.

Anders has dedicated his life to help people change their behaviours and to achieve great results in life.

You will find Anders own blog here: www.anderschristianhjort.com

You will find more on Anders credentials on Huthwaite Internationals website. On LinkedIN you will find recommendations and endorsements from clients, colleagues and friends during his career:

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Anders will share best practice insights on how you achieve outstanding sales, negotiation and communication performance improvements.

Anders do this in his daily work with Huthwaite International where lasting behaviour change and lasting results go hand in hand, are key to succes in performance improvements in business life, whether it might be interactive skills within private life conversations, or in business settings like coaching, meetings, negotiations, sales, service, or social media interactions.

“You engage, influence, move and persuade people you meet every day, to make our contributions shine and strive to achieve outcomes to be valued by yourself and others, explains Anders”

In this blog Anders will share real life stories and link to research findings, best practices, insights and real case stories from his experience working with multinational brands in his proven international network.

Anders also share and reflect on other expert contributions from credible research around The Globe, within the boundaries of his expertise.

– and hopefully you will engage and share your experience as well?

Enjoy life with due dilligence – it’s your moment now.


De bedste hilsner / Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüssen /此致敬礼
Anders – +45 2670 0356

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  1. Yes, my expertise is in boosting sales productivity through better sales and marketing team collaboration, what I call Smarketing. Most people only focus on either selling or marketing, not on how each can better support the other to mutual benefit.
    Do you think this may be of interest to you and your readers ?


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