Anders is recommended within his network containing 4000+ business executives from all over the world on LinkedIn.

2000+ Expertise and skills endorsements top down:

  • Coaching
  • Business Strategy
  • Management Consulting
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership Development
  • Start-ups
  • Team Building
  • Business Development
  • New Business Development Sales Management Negotiation
  • Executive Coaching

200+ Recommendations on LinkedIN – examples:

Anders is a member of a small and exclusive group – my Star Alumni. Out of the 300 trainers I must have trained over the years, six or seven exceptional talents stand out. Anders is undoubtedly one of them. He communicates concepts with impact, integrity and – as appropriate – passion or humour. He manages participant groups with just the right balance of care and rigour that both engages and stretches them. Underpinning this talent is diligent preparation arising from humility and a ferocious work ethic, characteristics that many ‘platform diva’ trainers lack. Anders brought to me natural ability and skills; all I had to do was burnish them. As a trainer of trainers, to have such people pass through one’s hands is a privilege. My Star Alumni are those of whom I am most proud. I recommend Anders to you without reservation.”
— Barry Hazelwood, Delivery Services Manager, now retired, Huthwaite International, managed Anders Christian indirectly at Huthwaite International

“In March 2013 I took part in a 3 day SPIN Selling training programme and found that Anders is a very dedicated and competent coach. He delivers the material in a way that is both inspiring and easy to understand.”
— Pia Bech Knudsen, was Anders Christian’s client

“I had the pleasure to participate in a 3 day SPIN training program with Anders Hjort as coach. It was a great experience, and I got a lot of tools to improve my sale. Anders was coaching with a lot of energy. He was inspiring and were good to help us understand the SPIN techniques. I can strongly recommend Anders, and I am sure that he can help you to improve the sale.”
— Morten Jensen, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders is a great coach that really knows his business. He is a master in SPIN and get’s the people to understand and utilize SPIN techniques. He keeps the people engaged and interacted for long days without the fear the training becoming a monologue. I would recommend Anders to anyone that is looking to improve the sales performance. Personally I think any organization that gets Anders as their coach would be privileged.”
— Peter Hiltunen, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders knows his stuff! It took him more than 3 years to sell to me, but he never gave up. The team he trained is very enthusiastic and rates the training and Anders very high – “the best sales training ever” was one of the comments. So unless you are a competitor, call Anders if you want sales training!”
— Henrik Christensen, was Anders Christian’s client

“I just participated Huthwaites SPIN selling two days work shop, runned by Anders Christian. It was an amazing experience, the SPIN info combined with Anders eager and passion for teaching, was just what I needed to get the best out of it. During the two day course, Anders was indeed very punctual, which was very much appreciated as well. All in all a “state of the art” teaching preformance. //David”
— David Bastian Christensen, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders has the rare ability to make what can be a potentially dry subject interesting, enjoyable and, more importantly, relevant. An excellent tutor for pushing people out of their conforst zone, he also understands certain people have a sceptical outlook to change and deals with it in a creative manner.”
— Ciaran Jefferies, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders is a highly skilled professional well prepared and adapting to the sale steam he had to develop. The enthusiasm and follow through has helped our team to make progress in our client engagements ! I can recommend both Anders and the SPIN methodology to all companies having a client centric vision”
— Lars Berg, was Anders Christian’s client 

“Very well prepared and goal focused coach which supporting and gives inspiration to people.”
— Grzegorz Kocela, was Anders Christian’s client

“I have met with Andres several times in proffesional forums and i was overwhelmed by his deep understanding of high value complex sales. Andres is a very talented consultant”
— kobi pompan, CEO, Kompany, was with another company when working with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“I had Anders as coach, as a part of our SPIN selling training course in December 2012. Anders showed from the beginning his professionel abilities and he was very competent all the way through the course. Even though we had a compressed schedule, Anders succeeded in keeping everybody involved and complied with all deadlines. I learned a lot from the Course and I would gladly recommend Anders to anyone interested in increasing their knowledge on e.g. sales behaviour. * Keep exploring Your customers needs to add value and to differentiate your sale :-)”
— Peter Toft, was Anders Christian’s client

“As a new hire I was given the opportunity to attend a two day course given by Anders on Outstanding Service. Anders struck me as a professional, creative, highly motivated, and dedicated individual. It is the first time I actually attended a course like this and felt like it was time and energy well spent. Not only did he help me realise my strenghts and how to put them to better use, but he also helped me discover my weaknesses. Throughout the course he helped me gain the tools necessary to deal with these weaknesses, and the lessons learned are lessons I’ll be mindful of for a long time. It has given me a completely different mindset which I now use every day not only at work, but in interactions outside of work as well. I would happily attend this course again, and I recommend having Anders deliver this course to you and your employees. And judging by the amount of recommendations he already has, I’m not the only one who feels that way.”
— Kristoffer Djupvik, Customer Service Representative, Medtronic, was with another company when working with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“Anders has run a training session “Outstanding Service” about the CARE behavior model for us. The training was prepared and executed in a professional and energetic way that let to a very inspiring and important course for me and my team. He is effective in getting the message across and his energy level and positive personality was an important factor in the success of this training.”
— Henrik Tellier Christensen, Service Manager, Waters, was with another company when working with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“Anders Hjort is a dedicated and effective trainer, who is able to establish excellent rapport with a group and deliver high-level content that provokes thought and stimulates discussion and debate, so aiding the take-up of the learning. His attention to detail is second to none and he brings professionalism, expertise, and a personable touch to every client project and encounter in which he is involved. In terms of business development he has taken on the challenge of building Huthwaite’s business in the Danish market and has established a strong base of loyal customers, who value his advice and expertise. He has been proactive in developing systems for coaching and assessing behavioural change following training interventions to ensure that participants (and therefore client organisations) get the maximum return from the money and time invested in the training. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anders as a trainer, coach, seller and business adviser.”
— Janet Curran, Research & Design Consultant, Huthwaite International, worked directly with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“Anders Christian is a great motivator / leader who has the ability to lift the expertise of each individual. I heartily recommend him further.”
— Maria Holmström, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders has shown me the great possibilities of what behavioral change can accomplish during my work as a sales person. Although the training sessions were in groups, Anders has been very successful in aligning the different key learning objectives individually during the course. I have definitely learned a lot from his approach and will remember this course as the most fun, inspiring and educational training!”
— Wouter Maas, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders is a charismatic and knowledgable tutor whose insights and methods are going to be invaluable to me in my day-to-day work. His high-energy style and expert guidance cannot fail but motivate his students.”
— Ben Jordan, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders Christian is an efficient and likable trainer. He works well with people coming from different cultures. I can highly recommend his trainings.”
— Päivi Patrikka, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders has shared his rich knowledge with me during a Selling Training & I have left the course more eager to improve myself as a seller as ever! Anders knows exactly how to “push/pull” his students in order to bring the best of them. He has got an amazing experience in several sectors and it’s definitely reflected in his way of explaining industry related topics. Looking forward to collaborating with him very soon!”
— Joséphine Thin, Senior Sales Manager, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels, was with another company when working with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“Anders Christian is a professional selling trainer with great communication skills. The Sales Success training went well and nothing could have been improved. It was an excellent interaction with audience, interesting and helpful tasks,professional detailed responds to trainees, a nice atmosphere which helped to make roleplays more efficiently. All trainees needs and questions were covered, good examples were given in a profossional manner. I have got a new view of selling process and will definitely use it in my daily work. I do recommend Anders Christian as a selling trainer and I am glad to have an opportunity to work with him.”
— Olga Sukhorukova, Sales Manager Croporate, The Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, worked directly with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“Its was a pleasure to learn from Anders. He has a very personable and well structured teaching style which made it easy to learn from him. He offered valuable feedback on my Selling technique which has already assisted me in day to day business. For these reasons and more I would highly recommend Anders.”
— Sarah O’Mahony, was Anders Christian’s client

“It was pleasure to be trained by Anders during the Rezidor Business School in August 2012 and I have learned valuable information which have started sharpening my selling skills. Thank you for delivering such a fun and educational learning environment Anders. See you for next year’s Business School. Tinka”
— Tinka Denisheva, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders is one of the best trainers I have had the pleasure of learning from. He’s passionate about his subject, knowledgeable, helpful, and very approachable. I was impressed by his interpersonal skills and his ability to tailor his teachings to suit individual needs.”
— Janine Montgomery, was Anders Christian’s client

“I had the pleasure to participate in Negotiation Sales Skills training with Anders Hjort as coach. It was good experience, and I got a lot of improvement my career. Anders is very good coach that really knows his work and I would recommend Anders to all people looking to improve the sales performance.”
— Samer Al inezan, was Anders Christian’s client

“Andres loves what he does and he is passionate about achieving his goal”
— Eslyn Gonsalvez, Sales Manager, Radisson Blu Resort, Sharjah, worked directly with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“I had a training course with Mr. Andres and basically it was one of the best I had during my working experience. The course was for Negotiation Skills and it was very rich, productive and the results were very tangible. It reflects the same facts of life and very dynamic to assist you with your work process. The course was very constructive and He was very much able to infiltrate in the mind to deliver it the message. It was a good time and I will try to be for his next sessions. Abdelrahman”
— Abdelrahman Abbadi, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders posses many outstanding and obvious skills and talents: business savvy, multi-lingual mastery, outstanding facilitation skills, sales effectiveness consulting, social media expert AND BEYOND all of that others less obvious: he is a kind, warm, outstanding, good spirited human being anyone would enjoy working with, learning from, following as a leader or being served as a client. Enjoy your interaction with Anders :-)”
— Ivan D. Cortes, Managing Partner, Use Ideas, LLC, worked with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“Working with Anders has been a wonderful experience. His knowledge of sales and procurement helped me tremendously to reflect about our daily sales work within IDC and gave me additional insight about how customers act and buy. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about working with Huthwaite International when my company organized this training, but I actually found it to be interesting, useful and effective!”
— Lluis Altes, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders has been my sales trainer at Rezidor Business School in November 2011. He has done an excellent job in teaching selling techniques; which I will take throughout my sales career. The training session was a very inspiring, interesting and interactive experience. Thank you, Anders for the fantastic training.”
— Ulrike Schwirz, Sales Manager MICE, Radisson Blu Hotel,

“Buying from external suppliers, if for me more about trustworthiness, integrity and competent interaction. With Anders as the supplier I have found all of the above – and more. Anders has delivered Senior Leadership Change Management input to NSN through his skilled and straightforward personality. Facilitating an analytic, strategic and executing dialogue -> making things happen -> resulting in mutual positive results. Thanks Anders!”
— Carsten Jarfelt, MBA/Engineer/Design Thinker!, was Anders Christian’s client

“I have had the great to pleasure to join a SPIN training given by Anders. I have to see it was a nice and fruitful experience. Anders is an easy going guy, it is very simple to get in contact with him and feel comfortable. I especially appreciated the fact this training was giving a good mix valuable theory and real lifeexperience practise. On top of that, this SPIN training had been “mapped” to the way my company works which was making it even more interesting. Finally, the most important for me was this training did not become collection of books forgotten on a shelf but it became something I use in my daily professional life. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more details. Regards, Benoit Borer”
— Benoit Borer, Director Customer Services Western Europe, SimCorp, was with another company when working with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“Anders Cristian Hjort is a great professional who is putting all his effort to transfer his SPIN Selling knowledge to his clients. I am impressed by him not being stuck to the SPIN theory but giving much more attention to practice and role playing and adjusting himself to different personalities and market peculiarities.”
— Giannis Tzevelekos, Sales Engineer, BP, was with another company when working with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“In June 2014 I took part in a 3 day SPIN Selling training programme. Anders is a dedicated i highly competent trainer. He got his facts right and when the training is done, you can go out and use the new skills that you have learned. It is 3 days of hard work, but i would recommend it for anyone, who needs some new tools, when it comes to sales. Anders knows his stuff and delivers it in a proffesional and inspiring manner.”
— Rune Flensborg Otzen, was Anders Christian’s client

“I can highly recommend Huthwaite’s SPIN selling training with Anders to basically anyone with client facing activities. The training provides you with a great toolbox of how to approach clients in a consultative way and hence makes the art of selling so much more interesting. Anders is a brilliant, knowledgeable and insightful trainer. He is great at adapting each situation to fit his audience. He is highly professional and has a humorous approach well blended with being highly present.”
— Cathrine Bruun-Hansen, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders trained a several groups of Account and Salesmanagers of our organisation. In my case it was a group of people from Holland, UK, Sweden and Norway. Anders is a very passioned and inspiring trainer. He learned us the principals of SPIN selling, and trained us how to use these principals into practice. We did a lot of practice during the training and we now are able to use it effectively in our selling, Sales is really improving! Anders is very dedicated and can make you understand how it works from his own experience. I always get energy from interesting and good conversations with my customers. Because of Anders I am really getting more of these conversations!”
— Claudia Lette-Ansems, was Anders Christian’s client

“I followed the course with a lot of fun, this spin training is really super, and helped me to get into the sales process more insight. I can therefore recommend this spin training to everyone. Thanks my friend Dick”
— Dick Stoorvogel, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders has the great ability to train good professional sales people into great professional sales people. The difference is outstanding.”
— Paul Vasey, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders has together with his colleagues in Germany, France and Finland educated our whole Eurpoean sales team in SPIN sales.It is a challaging journey that put a lot of demands on all team mebers especially the managers. Thanks to Anders skills in teaching, motivating, opening eyes of non believers and his very strong comittment I am sure that we will start to live SPIN and that it will help us develop our business further.”
— Peter Krantz, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders means different in Dutch. And indeed it was different during my training. Anders teaches the SPIN Selling tool and has a very professional and personal approach and a pleasant teaching style. For me it was value for money joining this course.He teaches your selling staff a different approach in selling that will lead to more output and effectiveness in your business. Definitely one of the best commercial courses I followed. Thanks Anders, keep up the good work! Harm”
— Harm Meijer, was Anders Christian’s client

“Pre reading (though much of it) gave a good starting point for the course and a good knowledge of the concepts; the course was vivid, with a good balance of exercises and theory, which also involved the students. I feel I’ve got some solid and powerful tools in my luggage, which I’m looking to try out in the New Year. Thanks for a great SPIN course.”
— Britt Foley, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders is calm and focussed, easy to discuss with and adaptable, that means, he helps you where its matters most and gives most improvements.”
— Karl Lundvall, was Anders Christian’s client

“Jeg har netop deltaget i SPIN Selling Skills kursus med Anders som kursusafholder. Selv med min personlige baggrund og egen tilgang til salg, fik jeg et stort personligt udbytte ud af kurset. Der er ingen tvivl om at jeg kan have stor glæde af at være beriget med SPIN ́s fokus på kundernes udbytte, når jeg coacher og salgstræner mine medarbejdere. Jeg vil på den baggrund give Anders og Huthwaite International en varm anbefaling for deres SPIN Selling Skills kursus.”
— Thomas Elkjær Pedersen, Teamleder, Jobindex, was with another company when working with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“Jeg var så heldig å få delta i Anders sin intensive SPIN-trening for et par uker siden og kan på det sterkeste anbefale ham hvis din virksomhet ønsker å få styrket salgskompetansen hos sine selgere. Anders er en dedikert og engasjert underviser samt en god kommunikator. I tillegg formår han virkelig å sette seg inn i sine kunders bransjer, utfordringer og til å tilrettelegge sin undervisning til akkurat de enkelte selgers behov og utfordringer.”
— Anniken Rygh, was Anders Christian’s client

“He teaches in a way that I understood the message! The best trainer I have had during my career! If you want to develop, I recommend him and SPIN very much.”
— Burim Maloku, was Anders Christian’s client

“I had the pleasure to meet Anders and to participate in his sales success courses. He is a real expert of his domain, always listening to trainees problematics and doing his best to find the appropriate solutions. More than a simple trainer, his professionalism and relation qualities allow him to understand and follow his trainees’ raising during the intership and after.”
— Christel Mercier, was Anders Christian’s client

“We have implemented the SPIN Selling training provided by Huthwaite even in Denmark this year. Anders Christian Hjort was our trainer and responsible for the program. I can highly recommend both Anders and SPIN when you want to take your business and sales skills to the next level!”
— Peter Wallin, was Anders Christian’s client

“Finally I really got the idea of SPIN training. Anders Hjorth has a way to communicate, than despite mine more than 25 years in sales I saw a totally new way of approach and thinking that fits my interpersonally skills in a perfect match. So in case you want a new way of thinking, that develop your mindset and way to do business as well as personal life, then use this opportunity for growth. We all need inspiration and exact knowledge of – how to change and develop… The SPIN training course could be first step.”
— Birgitte Schytte, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders er en ekstremt dedikeret og dygtig underviser – og en særdeles behagelig person. Hans engagement er meget smittende, og jeg oplevede i høj grad at få ‘value for money’, da vi købte hans assistance ifm salgstræning.”
— Stine Gissel Goldbach, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders delivered a great sales training course and empowered us to practice its toolbox and techniques well. It was a pleasure to attend his course, which he brought to life and made continuously relevant and adapted to our job.”
— Bruno Basalisco, was Anders Christian’s client

“I highly recommend Anders! Anders helped me to prepare a SPIN presentation for a job interview. Having Anders coach me was the best thing that I have had in my working life because he gave me so much valuable advice that will assist me daily for any sales job that I have. After just a few hours of coaching with Anders I have already sharpened my sales skills, and I have become more confident with the SPIN structure. I am now able to incorporate a presentation within a meeting but still be consultative and persuasive, instead of just ‘feature dumping’ at presentation stage. Anders is inspiring, a true gentleman and a master of SPIN!”
— Zoe Diggins, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders Christian Hjort heeft een hele goede drive en staat voor zijn product.Kan een groep zeer goed motiveren.”
— Leon Verschuren, was Anders Christian’s client

“To the highest standards and completely fulfilling even high expectations Anders executed a course with insight, engagement and a high degree of empati. Focus on all participants and goals of the course seemed natural to Anders.”
— Mikkel Platz, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders Hjort has helped AIESEC tremendously as SPIN Selling trainer at our Sales Seminar early October 2012. He has managed to challenge our sales teams in the way they needed to be challenged and I strongly believe he has contributed to future sales growth of the organisation. My main recommendation for him would be based on his genuine involvement and interest in the people and or organisation he is working with, which has been a very pleasant experience in our cooperation. We received great feedback from the participants and overall we are extremely satisfied with his delivery.”
— Kerstin Svedhem, National Vice-President for HR and Global Talent Sourcing Programmes 12-13, AIESEC Denmark, was with another company when working with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“In a world of hard global competion, professional sales is a key succes factor for any company and individual. Anders Christian Hjort provides sales systems, training and coaching to the highest standards. It works!”
— Bjarne Nielsen, was Anders Christian’s client

“I have had the pleasure to participate in the SPIN Selling program with Anders Hjort as the trainer. Anders is a very dedicated, organized and enthusiastic person who understands the value of creating customer satisfaction. I will give my warmest recommendations to Anders Hjort.”
— Jackie Amelung, Partner, SAC-IT, was with another company when working with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“Anders Christian has really great knowledge about Spin and selling technique. He performed a great Spin selling course and I can recommend this course if you want to develop you or your staff in this area.”
— Jan Sylvén, was Anders Christian’s client

“Hi Anders You did a outstanding job in reaching our salesteam on all levels for them to understand the concept of Spin Sales. If feed back I ́ve got from the team was very positive. Good job – well done! BR. Ole”
— Ole Slotsgrund, was Anders Christian’s client

“It is obvious that Anders genuinely enjoys the study of sales behaviours and imparting that knowledge to others. I found Anders training sessions to be a positive, thought provoking and interactive experience. His use of practical role plays and his ability to challenge pre conceived ideas without patronizing really made the experience more enjoyable. I’m certain his enthusiasm and passion for the subject brushed off on me and all my colleagues attending this course. I know I will take what I have learned with me throughout my career in sales.”
— Clare Healy, was Anders Christian’s client

“I can recommend Anders as a sales trainer for selling complex/consultancy services using the SPIN-selling technique. He is capable, dedicated and gets things done.”
— Christian Jervelund, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders has been a great help in setting up my company, Write2Users. Initially, we sparred on the business concept, but lately Anders has been coaching me in SPIN selling techniques. These techniques were very instrumental in getting my biggest sales so far. By asking the right questions about the client’s needs and being modest, the crucial trust was created between buyer and seller.”
— Per Frederiksen, Owner, Write2Users, was with another company when working with Anders Christian at Huthwaite International

“Anders has been my sales trainer for half a year. I have received a short course on SPIN technique and 3 coaching sessions. The training has had profound impact on the way I do sales, and, judging from the immediate results, my sales effectiveness has increased significantly: Before Anders’ training, my sales preparation was poorly structured, and I had a tendency to push ideas to clients. Now I set realistic goals and develop a strategy before each sales meeting, and my sales leads build upon explicit needs suggested by the client.”
— Svend Torp Jespersen, was Anders Christian’s client

“Anders is a highly skilled trainer with a passion for getting the message across in a very inspiring way. Anders has done some training for a member of our service sales team in Spinselling techniques with a great result. Anders is a energetic person with a clear focus and a good sense of humour too. I can only give my highest recommendations in using Anders and his team.”
— Henrik Tellier Christensen, Service Manager, Waters, was with another company when working with Anders Christian at Huthwaite

“J’ai rencontré Anders dans le cadre professionnel d’un Rezidor business School à Hambourg. Il y était intervenant sur la formation Sales Success. Son expertise et sa connaissance du marché hôtelier ont été l’occasion de nous reproposer les fondamentaux de la Vente à travers des jeux de rôles ludiques et pointus.Il a été très à l’écoute des nos problématiques afin de nous exposer des solutions efficaces et durables. Je souhaite au plus grand nombre d’avoir l’opportunité de travailler et de collaborer avec lui, c’est un Grand Monsieur du milieu.”
— Mélissa Chikhaoui, was Anders Christian’s client

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