So what truly separates top sales performers from every one else?

Author: Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Pick up any publication on business or sales or read your favorite sales guru’s blog and sooner or later you will read about what makes top sales performers top. The only thing is the lists are different. Sure, some of the same sales skills or talents may be repeated, but no list is 100% the same.

The reason for this discrepancy is that salespeople are human beings and human beings are unique. So this leads to the question is there one talent, skill, attribute, characteristic, call it what you will that separates top sales performers from everyone else?

My sense is this one talent or capacity probably is intrinsic or internal to each person. As the old adage, hungry salespeople hunt. When one is hungry, one is driven to find those essential sales leads. The key word here is driven.

After delivering hundreds of the Innermetrix Attribute Index assessments of which 25% were for salespeople, I saw a correlation in all assessments where the salesperson was earning $100,000 or more. This correlation was respective to the internal temperament bias of compulsive. Everyone salesperson both male and female had this bias.

Note: For me, top sales performers earn $100,000 or more.
The compulsive internal bias is defined as”

“You are driven to achieve.”

Think about that for a moment: Driven to achieve through a compulsive internal action.

Within this definition by Innermetrix Attribute Index, these individuals “undervalue their own unique self worth and instead place a lot of emphasis on achieving, and getting things done correctly and according to their expectations, or others. “

Two others characteristics within this internal bias temperament are:
Comfortable in social situations
Typically well organized

How many top sales performers do you know who are not:

Driven to achieve?
Comfortable in social situations?
Typically well organized?

This internal compulsion is probably what separates top sales performers from everyone else. And maybe some of those sales experts should dig a little deeper and stop with the all too common lists of sales skills.

If you want to know if you are driven to achieve, this talent assessment (Innermetrix Attribute Index) can help you find that answer.

About Leanne
H2H Heuristic Business Coach author of Be the Red Jacket, guides forward thinking SMB professionals from today’s results to tomorrow’s goals.


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